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a solution for every requirement

Every professional has specific requirements for his clothing. The screed worker wants soft, comfortable and watertight reinforcement at the level of the knees. The welder wants his clothes to be able to resist hot splashes. The joiner wants lots of pockets to hold things. The boss wants strong fabric that will last a long time and yet isn’t too expensive. Preferably also fitting the house style in terms of colours and form and sporting the company logo...

Finding the right workwear is not easy for the inexperienced. Prices and qualities can differ. Certain brands are functional and perfectly suited for specific occupations. Other brands, generally manufactured in so-called low-cost countries, offer certain types of workwear temporarily at extremely low prices. Their quality and continuity cannot be guaranteed in the longer term. On the other hand, you have products from our Belgian clothing businesses. These can easily be adapted to the needs of every company. Prices reflect the requested requirements. And let's not forget the Scandinavians. Fristads and Helly Hansen are among the leading brands worldwide for quality workwear. The image, functionality, summer and winter clothing of the Scandinavian brands is exceptional. However, the most expensive brands are not always the best choice...

Workwear for the construction sector, catering, food, industry or high-visibility clothing?
Every sector requires its own specific solutions and special materials.  Polyester/cotton and 100% cotton are the classics in workwear. Depending on the activities of your company, special fabrics may come into play. Some examples:

Workwear for welders
The European standard EN ISO 11611 describes the primary protection against molten metal spatters. Proban 100% cotton is generally used. In the past, this fabric was only available in brown, but nowadays the range of colours is much wider and workwear for welders can be offered according to the house style of your company.

Protection against fire, flames and heat  EN ISO11612 antistatic clothing  EN1149 
This clothing is meant for workers who are exposed directly to fire, flames, radial and/or radiant heat. It complies with a variety of European standards and the fabrics used depend on the specific application (Kermel – Flamestat Protex , Nomex III, with or without Bekinox, etc.) These fabrics are evolving rapidly, especially in terms of wear comfort. Several materials are also antistatic thanks to the interweaving of antistatic yarn.

Protection against acids EN13034
This clothing provides primary protection against the penetration of certain acid concentrations. 100% Polyester Tecacid is generally sufficient. Special coatings may be required however to protect workers from heavy fire spatters and the penetration of chemical products. Hypalon for example is a coating that protects against chemical products, flame heat and high temperatures. It is used to provide better protection for clothes or part of the garments.

Logos, badges, and also staff member names are embroidered on the garments. This is possible in a wide range of colours. Embroidery is the ideal solution: it's not only attractive and durable, it gives your clothes an exclusive look. Thermopatching is also an option, just as thermal transfer. Both systems allow industrial washing, while small repeat orders are possible and can be delivered quickly. We have invested in in-house production facilities precisely to do this. Silkscreen printing is a third option.

House style, also for city and municipal authorities
More and more companies extend their corporate house style into their workwear. In recent years, this trend is also visible in cities and other local authorities. As part of public authority efforts to convince the population that municipal services are professional and efficient, all employees are issued suitable and uniform workwear.  And this isn't necessarily expensive and can be achieved in the short term. For example, in the Flemish town of Zoersel, a real fashion show was organised, for and by the municipal staff, to present the house style for workwear in an entertaining way. Success guaranteed!

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